Promo: Soylent Zine #1 is on sale now!


Hello! It’s been ages since I post my last review! I’ve been caught up with so much work I don’t even have time to clean up my room, even more writing reviews!

So today won’t be a review or anything. It’s just a short promo for my friend. Have you heard of Soylent Zine? From the creative force of Deadbeatshop/husband and wife tag team, Soylent Zine #1 is now on sale! 

Actually, it’s already on a second reprint, they might sold out anytime soon, so hurry! Soylent Zine is yours for RM8/USD 5 not including postage. I let Jill do the talking now!

Jill, why should we get this Zine of yours?


1. The issue is a tribute to Fondlecorpse, one of the greatest underground Death Metal bands ever, so it’s worth buying just for that!
2. The zine is pro-printed, 90 pages, and packed with information
3. It has some really fun and great interviews with bands and people like Kam Lee, Fondlecorpse, Machetazo, Hooded Menace, Rotgut and more!
4. The zine has a Jenglot as the ‘host’, and he contributed some awful poetry
5. The Jenglot demands blood from us every single day, so we have become weak and need your money to buy vitamins.

Folks, I got my copy already, and the zine is good.Really. But don’t take my word for it, go grab yourself a copy! Head to Soylent Zine FB or call Deadbeat Shop 012-446 0316 straightaway!

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