Prognosis: Death! – Kami Bawa Muzik Yang Memberi Harapan Berani!

Gua rasa kebanyakan lu orang dah pun membaca review tentang EP band koboi KL, yakni Prognosis: Death! tempoh hari. Jadi tibalah masanya untuk gua hidangkan pulak interview line up band ini. Interview dijalankan secara online dan dijawab oleh Hanif dan ahli-ahli yang lain.

Hi Hanif, can you tell us a brief history of Prognosis: Death?
P:D! was formed somewhere in 2007, but at that time we went under the Trinity Blood moniker (nama anime ka?-ed) and founded by Fadhli (bass) and Ayie (guitar). Ayie then brought in hanif (guitar) and beginning from that point Prognosis: Death! is used, which was suggested by Hanif. Several line up changes occured after that because we were looking for chemistry among the line up. As of 2007, P:D! consists of Hanif (vocals), Fadhli (Guitars), Fizi (Guitars), Adzier (Bass) and Hadi (Drums). P:D! is a project band since Fadhli is still tied to his main band, Asthalin
I heard Prognosis: Death!’s name few years back but never get the chance to listen to any of the stuff, but I strongly feel back in those days you guys were more into standard Metalcore, and today, P:D! plays Southern Metal. Why?
Uh no, not metalcore.Back then we were pretty much into experimenting and trying this and that. You can say we were into post-hardcore therefore we played with the likes of Underoath, The Bled, From First To Last, Drop Dead Gorgeous etc. But we grown tired of that because there were countless bands out there sounded more or less like us (or we sounded like them). And at that time Metalcore was the ‘in’ thing, everybody was very much into it hahah! So we tried not to be typical and that’s how Southern Metal came into the picture. Hanif was looking for infos on the former vocalist of Underoath, Dallas Taylor when he stumbled upon Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. He believed he finally found what he is looking for when he listend to MatSoD or as he put it “Ini yang aku cari, yeah!” (hahah-ed)
You lads agree if I say P:D! is the pioneering Southern Metal band in Malaysia? So tell us how’s the feedback from listeners when they learnt that your music is quite…strange in Malaysia?
Whoa, we are not really sure we are the first in Malaysia! I think Bannbodo also plays Southern Metal a-la Pantera. Well the feedback..I rather say it’s divided. those who familiar with us usually go crazy over it while those who are not, they are pretty much clueless 😀 Honestly Southern Metal/ Rock in Malaysia is too small and almost non existent. The kids find it a little bit tdifficult o digest but never mind. We play because of passion, and so we will carry on. ( bunyi merajuk pasai apa ni?-ed)
The EP is finally released. What’s next?
We don’t really have solid plannings since P:D! is just a side project. We are just hoping by year end we’ll be able to enter studio for our first album. 10-12 songs that will do. God willing heh. Oh gig pun slow 🙁 
Tell us about your inflluences. Any individual?Bands?Books? Pantera? Metallica ‘Load’ period? Wyatt Earp?
I’d say our influences are more to the 3rd-4th generations of Southern Rock/Metal (I have no idea what is he talking about!-ed). However in our 2010 EP, we are more directed by bands such as Maylene and the Sons Of Disaster, He Is Legend and Memphis May Fire. Southern Metal/Rock is wide to be honest. Hey maybe you guys should write something on Southern Metal/Rock 😀 ! (noted Anep!-ed)
I got the CD and listened to ’em. Overall I am quite impressed with the end product. But wouldn’t it be cooler if you put harmonica or harp in one or two of the songs, eh? Or maybe you lads already have it in mind to include it in the next release?
Yes in fact we are planning to! But sadly there are nobody that capable of playing those instruments. Anyway yes we are planning to, so sit back and prepare for our next release!
What’s DIY to you? Do you think your recent CD is a total DIY product?
To move the band as independent entity (DIY), it’s a good to do actually. Even better if everybody in the community do things DIY, therefore DIY will be much valued, especially the bands, their effort will not go to waste if everybody learns the hardship of doing in DIY-way. As for our EP, we funded everything from recording to packaging. However distribution and launching party were made with partnerships with close friends. In total, we think this is a real as it gets to DIY spirit. (hell yeah-ed)
So uhh tell us about the lyrical theme. What do you guys talk about in the songs? Personal experience maybe?
I wrote most of the lyrics (Hanif). Pardon me of my broken English (ah chill ah dude, wa pun!-ed) but what I really wanted to represent are the challenges of life and personal experience. In a way I want listeners to think that despite of neverending challenges, there are always opportunities and chances for a better life. Do not give up. Get out and face the world kind of spirit-lah, get me? Haha!
Do you think music is equally important like music? I’ve seen band these days ignoring this aspect, some even gone to the extent of wearing slippers on stage! what do you think?
Dude, sekarang orang pakai selipar pun stylo (really, am I really out of fashion then?lol!-ed). I don’t really think image is an issue but here people tend to judge based on appearance. But in the independent music scene, this doesn’t really matters, unless you are going to appear on TV, wearing slippers would be a taboo!
So tell us, any messages you are trying to promote?
Aii this is like the lyrical theme question uh? Anyway we want people to enjoy and get excited when they listen to P:D!. We don’t play emo, depressive stuff etc. “Kami bawak muzik yg memberi harapan berani. Kami nak org bersemangat dan ceria. Macam hati kental dan bersemangat dengan muka senyum nampak gigi.” Kahkah! (haha!is it?-ed)
Let’s say a fan contacted you thru email and requested a download link of your EP? What would you do? Are you against music downloading?
If he’s asking for the full EP, of course not! I don’t really mind if it’s only for 1 or 2 songs. Support your local bands, pal! You want the full EP, buy the CD aite.Have some respects for DIY bands.If  that band is from abroad, do as  you please, but not to local bands. I’m just saying.
Let’s say P:D! is invited to play for a benefit show for gays and transvestite, would you lads accept the offer?
What? Is that even possible? Ahahah! We might play if we have our friends playing together. Kalo band kami je, takut gak. Kang ade yg jatuh cinta ngan kami kang apa kami nak jawab kat mak bapak kami? Wahahah. Killer sial soklan nih! (haha pwetty boys!– ed)
Did you ever get ripped off  by organizer? What’s the best gig you guys have ever played?
Nope, we never get ripped off. Yeah countless of good gigs we played. The best gig, I would say This is A Gig, Dude! (2008) and there was one gig at Muar. Overall all the gigs we played were good eventhough there are times there were only like 3 or 4 people in front of us, we nevertheless enjoyed every gigs we played, yeah!
A perfect performance, according to you.
Zero mistake. Balanced sound and tempo. Consistent. Things like that.

Cassette or CD. Which one do you prefer?
CD. Easier to store and handle. Cassette is classic, but they are almost obsolete. The evolution of technology, you can’t blame them.
Did P:D! get offer from any labels?
Nope. From the beginning until now, no labels came forward or approach us. Hahaha. (ayat merajuk ke hahah-ed)
Malaysian bands that deserve an attention, in your opinion.
– I think it’s rare to find a post-HC band like them these days. I like their compositions and approach, fresh and unique!
-They sound like Avenged Sevenfold. Disebabkan sekarang ni aku tgk budak2 asal nak buat band je msti nk main metalcore yg ganas stock breakdown 8 part satu lagu, at least Bizharo ni ada la part2 goreng dan nyanyian merdu. So boleh lari sikit dari ke-tipikal-an band2 metalcore yg ada skrg ni.(haha i love this part so much that I intentionally left this in Bahasa!-ed)
-I grew up during the period where post HC were in their prime, and Avalon’s Whisper has totally grew up. From Alesana like sound, to punk HC sound and now to more accessible easy listening. They rock! It’s their music arrangement that made them stand out and deserve a better attention!
Thank you Hanif and the rest of P:D! band members for their time. We had a good time listening to their CD and surely they need improvements this and there but we pretty sure, they will 🙂 Don’t forget to read our review on their EP, We’re Still Swingin’ here! Thank you!
-Images taken from Prognosis: Death! FB

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