Bohren und der Club of Gore – “Darkness is freedom”

My oh my! Nothing made my day when my favourite Ambient Jazz band, Bohren und der Club of Gore replied my interview! This also marked our first interview with international band, EVER! I’d like to express my utmost gratitude to BudCoG management and Morten Gass, for answering the interview. For those who are not familiar with them, do please check our previous entry about them here and here. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, our interview with Morten Gass (piano, mellotron, rhodes). Enjoy!
What inspired you and the rest of the band members to form Bohren und der Club of Gore?
Bohren was formed in 1992 to play unique and timeless music for our private entertainment.

Sunset Mission sounded pretty much like a soundtrack for a noir film. Did you actually intend to write it as such?
We definitely watched a lot of noir films around the time when did Sunset Mission.
Why albums after Sunset Mission seem to be very minimalist and more ambient like?
Do they? I´d rather like to say that Sunset Mission is just our fastest album.
What kind of music does Bohren play?I personally think its a mixture of noir jazz + ambient. Am I right?
Well, if you say so. Right now we call it Uneventful Easylistening Music.
I like the latest album Beiled, who actually sang on the track Catch My Heart? What motivates you people to finally have a song with vocal after years of playing exclusively instrumental music?
Because Catch My Heart is a conversion of a vocal track in which the lyrics are taken from important part of the song. Mike Patton graced the song with his beautiful voice.
It’s weird whenever I listen to Bohren I have the tendency tend to listen while having a bubble bath with aromatherapy candles lit or sipping a cup of hot tea during rain.Do you purposely write Bohren music with sexual undertones? What kind of mood you are trying to represent in Bohren music?
Whoa! For us it´s music from a piano bar at the end of the world.

Bohren music is darkly you agree with that idea?
Yes, thank you, we feel very flattered that you hear our music in that way.
Do you have definite formula in writing music?
Take it easy, take it slow (until the eagle has landed).
Some of your stuff are awfully slow, were they written when you guys were drunk?
Not really, but we are very often drunken when we play the songs live.
Your drummer’s role seems to reduced to the point of almost non existent.Care to comment?
Who cares? Thorsten Benning is an incredible drummer who knows exactly when to play and when not.

Most of you people were in hardcore/punk/grind bands in the early  90s. What has actually moved you people to play a different music, I mean, switching from ultra-fast to the slow music you plays today?
Maybe we have a strange kind of precept, but, in the end it is still extreme underground music.
Have you toured any South East Asian countries before?Would like to come to Malaysia and play?Please come to Malaysia!
Well, to be honest our touring is  improvable. We are a band with little time and an animosity to travel, especial by airplane.

From the videos i watched in Youtube,it seems Bohren loves to play in the dark.Why?
It gives us and the crowd the choice to do what ever they like. Drinking, pissing, dancing or sleeping. Darkness is freedom.
Any message you would like to tell our readers and listeners in Malaysia?
All hail to the mighty tiger of  Malaysia, Sandokan. (okay that’s random +_____+-ed)
Bohren und der Club of Gore can be contacted here.

So that’s all. Be sure to listen to their songs and I guarantee you’ll find the label Noir Jazz or as they say Uneventful Easy Listening Music perfectly match their style of music. Thanks!

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