Sauts Alastor – The Return of the Avenger

Ok, kali ini DtE akan menyiarkan sebuah temubual dari penulis luar bersama sebuah band bergenre gelap dari persada music tempatan.. Takmau cakap banyak, apakata kita sama2 baca temubual kali ini.. Thanks Kamil! m/

The first time I saw this band on stage, “EMPEROR!” That’s the first word that came to mind. So,soon after returning home from the gig I searched for Sauts Alastor (SA) on facebook. And after a while, I managed to get to interview them for DtE. These guys makes me felt proud to be Malaysian metalhead. They’ve set up high standards of good underground music, And now ladies and gentlements, I bring you, Sauts Alastor, our own local extreme metal act. –  m/ Kamil

1. Sauts Alastor, (name meaning?)
“These wicked demons lives underneath the abyss of Leviathan..while the others are inhabitants of hell, the grand executor.”
2. History of the band
The band was formed by me and Shaharoth somewhere around 1996. We managed to build our foundation in the scene with Sauts Monastery in 1997. The demo was spread and dedicated to BM circle of friends and fanatics around that time. We did not sell the demo but we just gave it away which makes the band unique since it’s existance. The year 1999 brought the band to another level. We crafted ‘The Grand Executor’ released by Nebiula Production.
3. Line ups
 Wil Astagoth : guitar & vocal
 Shaharoth : guitar
 Meeroth : bass
 Razi Blasphemy : drums
 Nick : Synths
4. Band influences, lyrics influences?
We were influenced to write a music by the legendary Bathory, 90’s scandinavian BM (and Black/death) scene in general and our dark nature lies within. Same goes to the lyrics, to potrays and glorifying the dark energies within ourselves, and able to channel the messages from it’s source, the tounge of fire.
5. Band Releases:
 – The Diabolic “Sauts Monastery” demo 1997 – Self released
 – The Instense and Dark Symphonic Hymns “The Grand Executor” EP 1999 – Nebiula
 – Eastern Invasion 2 compilation – CD & Cassette – Nebiula
 – Ipoh Loudblast Anthem 2001 VCD (live) – Independant
6. Issue regarding the BM scene in 2004- early 2006
To be honest, i’m not in touch with the Malaysian metal scene in general since 2002 soon after Ipoh Loudblast Anthem 2001. BM scene will strikes back with notorious acts like Black Abyss, MG34, Aradia, Imperial, DCA, Nebiras, Bazzah. Even the mighty Rator has make a comeback.   
7. Band picture
8. Achievement (gigs)
1998 we desecrated an opening of a musical store at Subang Jaya with our older materials plus a cover from Emperor and Enslaved. In 2000, we performed at Rockworld Penang (Panggilan Pulau  Puaka) with BM act Kharabanazak. 2001 Ipoh Loudblast Anthem with Eibon (Singapore), Bazzah and Nekrad. Sauts Alastor was put to rest after local media hype about BM and postponed our full length project since the band appeared in certain newspapers and local cheap magazine. November 2010 embarked a new chapter for us, serpents have been spawned within our camp, a ressurection with BM act Nebiras during ‘Witching Hour’ and ‘Storm of Nebiula 2011’ prooved that BM is not dead yet here and the response from the crowds were great and magnificent. We have unleashed and channelled the black forces of our unreleased hymns at both gigs as a sign of our returns and to bring back the glory like the older days. Our upcoming performance will be on 10th September 2011 alongside South East Asia legend IMPIETY which will be held in Penang. If everything goes well, people who supports us can get our Single CD which was scheduled to be released this coming August 2011 by Eastern Voice Production during the show.
9. Personal view on deathcore:
I got nothing to comment on deathcore bands or their respective scene except the genre is not my cup of coffee. But i believe each scenes got it’s ups and downs, bright and dark sides, true and false.
10. Axology (equipment used during live performance) for all the line ups.
As for live performances, our axes varies from time to time. I’ve once used BC Rich Warlock, Ibanez SG, Aria and now i stick with Ibanez RG. During the early days i used BOSS MT-2 & Zoom. But since our first comeback gigs (Witching Hour 2010), i used Korg and GSP1101. Shaharoth our guitarist is currently using BC Rich Ironbird with Zoom and Korg effects. Meeroth using Ibanez bass with BOSS while Nick using various synthethisers since 2001 (Ipoh Loudblast Anthem) until 2011 (Storm of Nebiula) which were Korg M1, Korg Wavestation and Kurzweil PC3LE.
11. Live Performance
Curse Of The Seventh Serpenth –   (this song will appeared in our upcoming full length)
I Am The Black Wizard (tribute to Emperor hordes)

Terima Kasih dari kami pihak DtE kepada saudara Kamil kerana menyumbangkan kepada kami satu sesi temubual beliau bersama Sauts Alastor.

Sauts Alastor boleh dikenali dan dihubungi melalui laman Facebook dan Myspace mereka dibawah ini.


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