Premiere – Iravu & Mumuksu – Sudra

Iravu Mumuksu Sudra

Vita Detestabilis Records and Dissecting the Euphony are proud to premiere the joint track of Iravu (Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal) and Mumuksu (Drone/Funeral Doom Metal) called ‘Sudra’. This track is taken from their split album ‘Sudra’.

Sudra – which means the lowest of the 4 Hindu caste system sub-classes, also referred to as the slave class –  stands as an undying anchor for ANYBODY who has been a victim of discrimination and fascist oppression – be it of a physical or psychological nature of violent intent.

The split album will be released on the 7th of June through Vita Detestabilis & Fiadh Productions, and available in cassette format. Pre-order are open now.

Full statements by Iravu and Mumuksu can be found here.

The track ‘Sudra’ can be streamed below starting 9 pm (Malaysia time).

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