News – Iravu and Mumuksu join forces in Sudra


Vita Detestabilis Records (Spain) recently announced the release of split album ‘Sudra’ featuring Malaysian bands Iravu (Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal) and Mumuksu (Drone/Funeral Doom Metal). Sudra features an almost hour-long three-song release in which each band contributes one song alone and a collaborative one between both Hareesh (Iravu) and Trishay (Mumuksu). Sudra was born from common observation and acknowledgment, by both Iravu and Mumuksu of the plight of racial injustice experienced by minorities within their home country of Malaysia.

Sudra – which means the lowest of the 4 Hindu caste system sub-classes, also referred to as the slave class –  stands as an undying anchor for ANYBODY who has been a victim of discrimination and fascist oppression – be it of a physical or psychological nature of violent intent.

Hareesh and Trishay have shared the following:

“We feel and share in your pain. You are not alone. You must remain rooted in the unwavering strength of the boundless spirit of who you are. Rest assured that despite their grand displays of haughty might, they will never win. Because they operate from a source of fear. Any action that is born out of fear is doomed to its own self-destruction and disintegration.”

The split will be released on 7th June 2024, through Vita Detestabilis & Fiadh Productions, and it will come with a cassette edition.


Beneath My Cold Dark Skin Lies A Freedom You Will Never Own” – Mumuksu

The Outsider” – Iravu

Sudra” – Iravu & Mumuksu

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