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Mascot Realiti

Malaysian Midwest Emo unit, Mascot is set to release their upcoming single and music video Realiti this Saturday, 13 January 2024. After a long hiatus of one year, the Malaysian rock band has finally dropped their new single “Realiti”. The song showcases Mascot’s signature sound of melodic riffs, catchy hooks, and raw vocals while exploring the theme of losing oneself in a world of illusions. 


The band has also teamed up with their trusted partner and visionary director Aina Zamira Adnan and her production house, Dollhouse Films, to create a stunning music video for “Realiti”. The video tells a heartfelt story of a group of friends who reminisce about their glorious past and struggle to cope with their bleak present. 

“Realiti” is not only a comeback song, but also a teaser for Mascot’s upcoming album, “Nostalgia”. The album is the grand finale of the “Apa Saja Yang Mampu Ku Buat” trilogy, which began with “Penutup” in 2022 and continued with “Permulaan”. The trilogy chronicles the band’s journey of growth, change, and reflection over the years. Nostalgia is also the first Mascot project to be mixed & mastered externally, this time with Hezza Ezzachary, or Zac, of Empty Page at the helm. 

“Nostalgia” will hit the market in Summer 2024. More info can be found in all the band’s social pages.

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