Luna In Sanguinem – Global Bloodbath [Full Length, 2020]


If you’re looking for a violent and no-nonsense Death/Thrash Metal band to fill your bloodlust, look no further than Luna In Sanguinem. The American band recently released their debut EP, ‘Global Bloodbath’ which incorporates plenty of Death/Thrash style ready rip your face off with its sheer brutality.

With duration of 30 minutes for 5 tracks, this is considered lengthy for an EP especially when it’s a Death/Thrash Metal band. But in all fairness, the EP slaps. What you get is slab of Death Metal heaviness with technical speed of Thrash Metal carefully weaved into the songwriting. It’s nasty, massive and smashes your face.

Let’s talk about the instruments. One of the noticeable traits of this EP is the bone crunching and low guitar tone. I have to give it to drums as well with relentless and on the dot precision playing. Round it up with snarling vocals, this is a mosh inducing release and you’d wish COVID-19 to end soon so you could go attend their show. Listen to Luna in Sanguinem and get destroyed (at home and stay safe please, seriously)!

Global Bloodbath is now available in CD and digital download format.

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