Lucifixion – Feral Mass [Demo, 2021]


Let me put this out before anything else. This is a very impressive demo despite a terrible recording quality (I think it’s intentionally). A debut demo ‘Feral Mass’  by this Raw USBM horde, Lucifixion is something any Raw Black Metal bands could learn a thing or two. The demo is released via Sentient Ruin Laboratories.

The demo consists only 1 track that is the title track with 9 min running time. That’s pretty short demo, even for a Black Metal standard. While I’m puzzled by the decision of releasing a  1 track demo tape (actually, it’s a digital release), the track is impressive. Sure it has this thin, buzzing guitars, the mix is horrible but forget all that, the song alone is furious, blazing fast and face melting all packed into one reminiscence of early 2nd Wave Black Metal bands. The guitar playing is wicked, not the type of noise sliding up and down the fret BS we usually find in murky Black Metal release. I can undertstand the structure and playing to enjoy it. Fiery, sinister tremolo picking, with non-stop pounding blastbeats and demonic vocals spewing hate left and right, but buried in the mix is all I need to hear. 

Feral Mass too short, but it’s a proper introduction to tell the world that Licifixion is a force to be reckoned with. It’s angry, terrifying and kills. Black Metalheads, don’t let this band slips under your radar. Apparently, a new album is in the works right now.

Feral Mass is now available in cassette and digital download format.

FFO: Gorgoroth, Mayhem, early Emperor, Darkthrone, Katharsis

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