Gaia Guarda – Anatomy of Fear [Full Length, 2020]


Gaia Guarda is a Canada based musician who recently released her solo album, ‘Anatomy of Fear’ via Pentapus Records. Despite of her Heavy Metal musical background, ‘Anatomy of Fear’ resembles little to nothing of her previous works, instead offers something along Neo-classical Darkwave with Trip Hop in between.

I’d say while she might be a harpist for her Metal projects, harp made a scarce appearance in the album. But that didn’t bother me as I think this a somber, dark, brooding and a bit dramatic release with strings and electronic beats function as major drive of the album. Gaia’s voice is the winning formula for ‘Anatomy of Fear’; her soft, melancholy and whispery singing actually what makes the album feels dark and despair. At times she sounded like female version of Garm of Ulver. While there’s nothing bombastic about the songwriting and arrangement, I like the fact it’s nicely written to make you feel the pain, loneliness and fear. It completes your sadness. Heck, it’s a soundtrack to your sadness and not even try to tell you to be sad, because this is what confusion and sadness sounds.

‘Anatomy of Fear’ is an album you want listen on days where you feel like sitting alone in the room to drown in your sadness, especially during rainy days. What better music to accompany you sobbing and whimpering than this?

‘Anatomy of Fear’ is available  in CD and digital download format.

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