Cognitive – Cognitive (2014)


First of all, DtE would like to give a thanksgiving to Cognitive for the free promo pack given by email. Cognitive is a Death Metal band from New Jersey, USA. Form on 2011, Cognitive already released The Horrid Swarm (EP) on 2012. Their first debut full length called “Cognitive” released on 26th April 2014 under Pathologically Explicit Records (Spain).

Jorel Hart – Vocals
Rob Wharton – Guitars
Jake Iannaco – Lead Guitars
Mike Castro – Drums
Art Sikora – Bass
 Cover artwork by Tony Koehl
Tracklist :
1 – Cut the Fuck Up
2 – The Aftermath 
3 – Blood Hungry
4 – Worlds Beneath
5 – Regurgitated Existence 
6 – Oceanic Erosion
7 – Willingness of the Weak
8 – Imbuing of Wrath
9 – Fire from the Sky
10 – Affliction Humanity

For me, Cognitive is a band that bring a genre of Technical Death Metal. Mix of big influenced of Suffocation and some of other Death Metal bands like Gorod, Wormed, Infernal Revulsion, Devourment, Broken Hope, Wretched and Misery Index.

Musicwise, Cognitive (2014) is a solid Death Metal album with lot of technical elements, thundering drums with grind elements. Even most of guitar riffing more to Death/Brutal Death Metal style, Cognitive try to add some of other elements especially on guitar solo. Jake Iannaco did a good job from every solo guitar he played. Sometime I feel like i’m listening to Cynic especially on first verse of Willingness of the Weak. Also a good bass tone played Art Sikora can be heard from whole tracks. Big credit  goes to Mike Castro with his powerful drumming on every tracks.

Recommended tracks : Cut the Fuck Up, Blood Hungry, Regurgitated Existence, Willingness of the Weak and Fire from the Sky.

Cognitive can be contacted from the link given.

Pathologically Explicit Records
Official Website


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