Decembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer (2014)


Decembre Noir is a band with a melancholic music which more to Death and Doom Metal. Hailing from Erfurt, Gemany, Decembre Noir was form on 2008 by Daniel (drums) and Sebastian (guitars). After that, Marcel (guitars), Mike (bass) and Lars (vocal) joined to complete the line up. Then, Marcel and Daniel left the band and Decembre Noir recruited new line up Kevin on drums while Martin on guitar position. A Discouraged Believer is the name of their’s full length, released on 9/5/2014 under F.D.A Rekotz.

Lars (vocals), Sebastian (guitars), Martin (guitars), Mike (bass), Kevin (drums).
Decembre Noir – A Discouraged Believer (2014)

Tracklist :

 1 – A Discouraged Believer
2 – Throns
3 – The Forsaken Earth
4 – Novembre Noir
5 – Stowaway
6 – My Resurrection
7 – Escape to the Sun

Listening to a Doom/Death Metal album like “A Discouraged Believer” make me remembered some of the band like My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Theater of Tragedy and of coz Paradise Lost. Even Decembre Noir played element of Doom Metal, theirs music is not like Cathedral or others band with major chords riffing when increasing the tempo. Decembre Noir music is more to sad, gloomy and depressive moods.

Musicwise, this album is more to melancholic sound, mix of slow to fast tempo. I can said that the the tone of guitars is one of the best part of the album. Very solid and the riffing also not complicated. Also the groove of drums sometime will me your mind blow out especially on fast tempo.

Recommended tracks : A Discouraged Believer, Thorns, My Ressurection.

Decembre Noir – My Resurrection

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