#AOTY | Editors’ Pick 2020 – Hanif Z


We’re unveiling our first #aoty 2020 Editors’ Pick according to Hanif Z (trails).

Unreqvited – Empathica

This is just perfect mixture of everything I like about this genre. 10/10

The Ghost Inside – Self Titled

After all of the things that the band went through, this is the REAL comeback album EVER. 9/10

TK (from Ling tosit sigure) – sainou

The Tokyo Ghoul OP theme, “UNRAVEL” is my top tier emo-est anime opening ever and this  album has a lot, like A LOT of killer hook like that. 9/10

nothing.nowhere – one takes vol 1

Emo-Rap is the new scenesters, deal with it. 9/10

Diamond Construct – DCX2 EP

The only thing that is wrong with this record is its only 4 track EP. 10/10

Listen to Hanif Z’s pick in our curated Spotify playlist.

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