#AOTY | Editors’ Pick 2020 – Amin


In the final installment of #aoty Editors’ Pick, Amin unveils a long ass list of releases he thinks made his world better after enduring almost a year long pandemic lockdown. 

Sylvaine/Unreqvited – Time Without End 

Autumn Tears – The Air Below The Water 

Skyforest – A New Dawn 

Inno – The Rain Under

Miseria Ultima – Graygarden

Oxidicide – Trashophilia

Together to the Stars – As We Wither

Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy – Glam Not Slam

Forlesen – Heirophant Violent

Tombstoner – Descent to Madness

Ulcerate – Stare into Death and Be Still

Unreqvited – Empathica

Bohren und der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue

Dismalimerence – Tome 1

Meridian Dawn – The Fever Syndrome

Förfallet – Förfallet

Writhing – Eternalised in Rot

Ayr – The Dark

Disavowed – Revocation of the Fallen

Fleshdriver – Leech

Uerberos – Stand Over Your Grave

Atræ Bilis – Divinihility

Faceless Burial -Speciation

En Minor – When the Cold Truth…

Moonworshipper – 13 Fullmoon Nights…

Emyn Muil – Afar Angathfark

Hateful – Set Forever on Me

Bloodfeast Ritual – Altars of Sacrifice

Vous Autres – Sel De Pierre

Symbtomy – Demo 1

Berdosa – Berdoa

Fleetburner -Fleetburner

Countless Skies – Glow

Just Before Dawn – An Army at Dawn

Undergang – Aldrig I Livet

Depravity – Grand Malevolence

Mörk Gryning – Hinsides Vrede

Sorry, I know it’s a long list! Stream these releases in our carefully curated Spotify playlist.

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