Your Pick: 2013 Best Releases by Raimi of Faithcraft Productions


The 5th series is from Raimi, the owner of Faithcraft Productions. Also he is the frontman for band called Au Revoir and a member of ugly crusty+punk+thrash band called Wreckär.

Raimi, the owner of Faithcraft Productions
Best releases for 2013
1 – Dimentianon – Collapse the Void (USA)
2 – Storm Breeder – The Knave (AUSTRALIA)
3 – In Vein – The Truth Remains Untold (THAILAND)
4 – Sickness – Necrosymphonies of Necropsy (MALAYSIA)
5 – Kozeljnik – Null : The Acheron of Multiform Negation (SERBIA)
The only most promising local band :
p/s – Upcoming Au Revoir album will be release next year.. Please get your copy soon.. 

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