Your Pick: 2013 Best Releases by Prop of Grundar Productions


The most active label from Malaysia (I guess..) Prop the owner of Grundar Productions list down his favourite releases for 2013. Make it Grind and Death!!!!

Prop, the owner of Grundar Productions
Best releases for 2013
1. Chelation Intoxication – Dismemberment (XVIII) – MCD
2. Sickness – Necrosymphonies Of Necropsy – CD
3. Hellexist – Age Of Death – CD
4. Kuku Besi – Demo 2013
5. Perpetual – Grind Your Mind – CD
The most promising local bands :
4. Insinner
Also don’t forget to join Grundar Death Fest 2014.
Date :
Venue :
Stopzone Arena, Larkin Johor Bahru
Bands :
Argon (JB Brutal Death Grind)
Unveiled (JB/Kluang Brutal Death Grind)
Bahajang (Ipoh Kimak Grind)
Perpetual (Sandakan harsh Grindcore)
Goresluts (KL Porngoregrind)
Dysgusted (K Terengganu Brutal Death Metal)
Suffergrind (Pekan Baru, Indonesia Brutal Death Metal)
Grind The Saw (JB Grindcore)
Suffer Remains (K Terengganu Brutal Death Metal)
Tools Of The Trade (KL Grindcore)
Purge The Arbitrator (Penang Technical Brutal Death Metal)
Chelation Intoxication (Jitra Slamming Brutal Death Metal)
 p/s – DtE will be a media partner for this event..

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