VoTW : Dissection “Night’s Blood” (vocal cover / karaoke)


kali ini mungkin agak kelakar tapi errr.. xtau gua nk cakap.. lu orang tgk sendiri.. hehehe.. tp sebelum tu gua copy paste description video nih dr empunya tuan video (Deadzid) dr youtube..

“I improvised my vocal style in this song. It’s more towards death metal vocal style, with a lil’ bit of black metal screams. Feel free to comment on my vocal performance in this song…

This video is not an attempt, in any way, to insult Dissection or the black metal music in general. I prefer putting up crappy video clips like this rather than boring still images throughout the entire song. Better yet, don’t watch the video, just listen to the audio!

Thanx for watching / listening… all hail Dissection!”

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