Ada beberapa rilisan terbaru yang boleh di beli sebagai halwa telinga masing2. Harus dimiliki!!! 
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Suffercation – Day Of Darkness ~ The Re-Awakening (2010)
The 1st edition of the most awaited re-release album, Day Of Darkness ~ The Re-Awakening!! 
Grab your copy now as stock in and is limited!!

The milestone Death Metal album that broke the barrier of Malaysian extreme metal scene back in the early 90’s. The catalyst of its kind.

Featuring all the classics of the 1992 debut album plus a new soul-ripping bonus track; our latest material: “…And Die We Shall” recorded in 2010 – Never Previously Released.!!

This package contains:

1- One Professionaly produced CD
2- New Cover Artwork
3- Complete lyrics
4- 20 page of full color booklet containing our history, ancient and unseen photos and 6- page detailed interview about the 1986-1992 era.

Also included is the original, latest reviews from old sceneters like MIKE BROWNING (ex-Morbid Angel/Nocturnus), SCOTT CARLSON (Repulsion), TAKASHI TANAKE (Transgressor) and many more.

5- A 60cm X 44cm poster

A total deluxe package for the believers of Real Old School Death Metal!!

Price: RM 25 + RM 5 (Post Express Postage)

Get this timeless piece of metal at:

Kherow – Bintang Timoer (2010)

Get it from Faithcraft Productions for RM15 (including post and packaging) or USD 12 or Euro10. To buy it using money transfer please contact us first: +60164757931 or +60138001222. And the official release date will be on 1st January 2011. Act fast!

As Sahar – “Phenomistik” re-release on CD-digipack format

will soon unleash AS-SAHAR “Phenomistik” re-release on CD-digipack format…
Price : RM30 + 5 (postage)

Cassandra – Set Eyes On Parade (2010)

Segala urusan jual beli boleh kontek direct Cassandra.

Triumph Ov Fire – In The Name Of Black Principal (EP 2010)

RM10(with postage)+poster
for order please inbox Dani Angel/ Frozen angel

 Lobotomy – Speed Metal Warfare (CDR Demo 2010)

 LOBOTOMY (Thrash Metal From Kajang)- demo CDR- Speed Metal Warfare 2010 only RM 5 + pos.
release from Metal Porn Production.
(only 100 copy)
***utk Distro di alu- alukan…
( CIMB 08040039455528 Muhamad Muniff b. Ali)
(maybank: 158051382643 Muhamad muniff b. ali)
dah bank in SMS 012-6671946.



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