Sulphur Sun – Placodermic Heraldry [EP, 2020]

Sulphur Sun - Placodermic Heraldry [EP, 2020]

Sulphur Sun returns after their previous successful Vitreous (2017 – Single) with new offering in a form of an EP, Placodermic Heraldry. The EP also features ex-Nile guitarist, Dallas Toller-Wade and we can expect crushing Death Metal wizardry, obviously!

Labelled as playing Weird Death Metal, their song structures are mainly Death Growl, progressive & blast beats bone crushing riffs and octave notes bringing dissonance to the ears of listeners.

For those who are already familiar with the styles of Dallas-Toller Wade, they can expect the guitars to be fast and relentless.No simple riffs found here,please take note.
Lyric-wise, both songs are materialized based on the Earths’ Devonian Period, with mythical and historical elements.
Personally I can find the tracks are very intriguing, and after each track I became anxious AF. Dude, I can feel their anxiety ambience haha.No joke, I swear. Not your typical straight forward death metal.

FFO: Nile, Narcotic Wastelands, Immolation,Grave Miasma

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