Mörk Gryning – Hinsides Vrede [Full Length, 2020]


Swedish Black Metal veterans, Mörk Gryning finally returns with a new full length, Hinsides Vrede via Season of Mist. To be completely honest, I have never listened to any Mörk Gryning materials prior this, so I’m pleasently surprised to find they’re bringing Second Wave Black Metal to the table, albeit with more polished and enhanced approach.

While Second Wave Black Metal have been revered all over the world and has been emulated countless times by newer generation of bands, it’s always refreshing to hear the veterans of that era to come up with new album, just like it was back in the days. And Mörk Gryning did just that. A no frill 90s Black Metal with plenty melodic parts, blazing fast tremolo picking, some piano/keyboards here and there to set in the appropriate mood, and even some female backing vocals in the mix. I have to admit, this style is done to death, but it took the veterans to get the formula right, case in point; Mörk Gryning. At a glance, you will immediately know it’s written and executed by those who live and breathe this kind of style. 

The guitar works in this album are catchy and memorable. This is the reason why I’m hooked up with Hinsides Vrede in the first place. It has the savagery of 90s Black Metal but crisp enough to be appreciated. If you’re looking for buzzing and nekro sound, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I don’t know how Mörk Gryning sounded back in their old days but I’m loving every tracks in the album. I actually enjoyed the album that I didn’t notice I am already reaching the last track. It retains consistency and great dynamic throughout that I was not left upset at all. If you’re into Swedish Black Metal with tendency of somewhat in between being face ripping violent like Marduk but highly melodic like Dissection, you probably should give Mörk Gryning a try. I wasn’t disapppointed, and I’m sure you will find it too.

Hinsides Vrede is now available in CD, vinyl and digital download format.

FFO: Dissection, Naglfar, Sacramentum, Vinterland

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