Crown of Ascension – Twixt Zero and Infinity [EP, 2020]


Black Metal listeners, get in. We are about to go for a wild, mind-bending experimental ride with Crown of Ascension’s debut EP, ’Twixt Zero and Infinity’. The EP is released via Xenoglassy Productions and available now in the market.

Rather than throw in some pulsating weird electronic beats usually I came across in Experimental releases, Crown of Ascension serves a musical composition consisting cello as the base of the music instead of guitar. The cello gives this kind of eerie, spacey atmosphere, with guitar largely droning throughout the album accompanied by spasmic, chaotic piano. While vocals eclipse with its maddening howl and drum machine tear through with its intense hard hitting monstrosity.

It’s obvious this an unorthodox Black Metal from the first listen. The song structures is mostly unclear due to its droning approach, so I am unable to differentiate between verse and chorus, if they had one. This is not a release to be enjoyed, but rather to make you uncomfortable and tense, yet it has this awe and wonder to it. I guess it must be the cello. It feels like I’m staring into vast nightsky and wondering if there is something beyond it. I’m thinking of cosmic horror whenever I listen to Twixt Zero and Infinity.

Don’t let the weird approach to put you off. I assure you the cello will give you a different vibe to it, along with the maddening piano and drums. I went WTF at my first listen and at the end of it grew to love the weirdness. At least it’s a breathe of fresh air rather than recycling old Black Metal ideas.

Twixt Zero and Infinity is now available in cassette and digital download format.

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