Mechina – As Embers Turn to Dust (Full Length, 2017)

Mechina’s Progenitor really left me impressed with their Symphonic / Djent / Death Metal approach and I’ve been craving for their new release ever since. Come January 1st 2017, a follow up to Progenitor finally saw the light of the day. Like the previous release, As Embers Turn to Dust is, for a lack of better word, phenomenal.

1. Godspeed, Vanguards       
2. Creation Level Event
3. Impact Proxy
4. Aetherion Rain
5. The Synesthesia Signal
6. Unearthing the Daedalian Ancient
7. The Tellurian Pathos
8. Thus Always to Tyrants
9. Division Through Distance

10. As Embers Turn to Dust

As much as I’m interested with As Embers Turn to Dust story arc, I’m no way familiar with the whole saga, spanning from Conqueror album. But the whole theme of human fleeing from Earth and settling in to distant planets is rather interesting story to dive in. But anyway… yeah, the music.

I like how the album sounded even bigger and grand than Progenitor. The symphonic elements definitely one of the bigger driving force here, which matched perfectly well with guitars and vocals. In fact, I found out every music elements in the album are pretty much there and had their moments to shine. Check out Aetherion Rain and Thus Always the Tyrant, for calming piano driven tracks. Impact Proxy on the other hand will toy your emotion with its soaring symphonic elements and David Holch alternating between snarling growls and heavily processed clean vocals. Or maybe the opening track Godspeed, Vanguards, if clean vocals is your cup of tea. Whatever your pick might be, As Embers Turn to Dust will get you hooked up in no time.

Melrose, the female vocalist that made appearance in Progenitor is also present on few tracks. David Holch is still doing great with his death grunts, but in Embers, he experimented with more clean (and probably autotuned) singing. I would rather say As Embers Turn to Dust is the one level better than Progenitor. Weaknesses in Progenitor are pretty much addressed, making most of the songs enjoyable to listen. Joe Tiberi definitely expanded the story better this time around, and it made me go back to listen to their previous releases to understand the saga better. Good job on that.

There’s nothing much I can say about the album. They pretty much ticked every box in my book and already my favourite release for 2017. Don’t waster your time, start listening to As Embers Turn to Dust today.

Recommended tracks:
Godspeed, Vanguards, Impact Proxy, Aetherion Rain, The Synesthesia Signal, The Tellurian Pathos, Thus Always the Tyrant.

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