Greytomb – Monumental Microcosm (EP, 2017)


Transcending Obscurity, a label based in India has been actively signing Australian bands as of late and most of it are really worth to listen to. My personal favourite would be Somnium Nox. Now, as the year is ending, another Transcending Obscurity’s band has just released an EP. Introducing Atmospheric Black Metal Unit, Greytomb.

1. Null
2. Antimeta
3. Force Majeure
The whole EP can be summed up as a sonic torture. There’s something bleak and hopelessness linger throughout these 3 songs. I’m not really sure, is it the vocals? Or the long duration of each song? The guitar tone? But it definitely got me hooked. The whole EP is ugly and messy, you’ll probably need to sit down and listen more than once.
Monumental Microcosm is littered with pessimistic tone, which I think borderline DSBM without shitty bedroom recording quality. Vocal delivery reminds me of Attila Csihar of Mayhem. Croaky and at times roaring with torturous screech (check out Antimeta), it got me really uncomfortable. For some reason, the vocals also reminds me of Dave Condon from Altar of Plagues. Speaking of Altar of Plagues, I can’t help but to compare similarities of the guitar tone with Altar of Plagues, specifically from White Tomb. Anyway, the spoken part in the EP is kinda unnecesary but hey, it’s probably worked. 
25 minutes for a 3 song EP is considered long but I feel Monumental Microcosm is a decent effort by the band to show what they’re capable of. I just wish each track can stand out on their own rather than  sound like a continuous one-track song. 
For fans of Altar of Plagues, Ulver, and Somnium Nox.
Monumental Microcosm out now via Transcending Obscurity

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