Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur


Profilic Canadian Grinders, Fuck the Facts recently released their 10th full length, Pleine Noirceur via Noise Salvation on 20th November 2020. Now, I’m familiar with Grindcore in general, however Pleine Noirceur is nothing like I expected.

While they exhibit common Grindcore traits; face-punching blastbeat drumming, sharp and thunderous guitar playing, Fuck the Facts proved to be a different breed as demonstrated by their experimental song form and crafting. I was expecting it to be a hit and run Grindcore style; wall of sound, blasting and ends in 30 seconds, but no, nothing like that. Some songs have crawling pace, I mean, really crawling with ambient build up, atmospheric in a way sends a bleak vibe throughout. 

These are elements that set them apart from Grind releases I know. They also have the tendency to sound like Mathcore with the tempo changes and style that fluctuates throughout the album. On the other hand, I love their guitar works! It’s not everyday you come across harmonic guitarworks from a Grind band. This adds the melancholic feeling to the record, rather than just bulldozing through all tracks, Fuck the Facts brings you through an up and down of a journey while not forgetting to pummel you with Grindcore goodness. All this then rounded up by furious high barking vocals by Mel Mongeon (who also created the cover artwork), which I find menacing and painful at the same time.

Pleine Nirceur feels less like a terrifying Grindcore release, but more into a dive into feeling of melancholy, frustration and resentment. If you’re looking for a soundtrack for your frustration but prefer not to get inspired the usual away, then consider listening to Pleine Noirceur. You’ll feel pumped up, but not your average pumped up. Feel the wrath, my friends. Listen to Pleine Noirceur!

Pleine Noirceur is now available in CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital download format.

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