Eye of the Destroyer – Violent by Design (EP, 2018)


Having been away for almost 5 months from the blog made me feel slightly guilty, but mundane daily routines quickly gave me a reason to take a quick peek into our mailbox. I guess it’s time for another review, then.

US Death Metal unit Eye of the Destroyer returns with 2 song EP ‘Violent by Design’, a follow up from their 2017 EP.

1. Violent by Design
2. Postmortem Mutilation (feat Jim Beach)

It’s definitely Slam Death Metal all the way! I don’t expect high technicality in playing because Slam Metal’s only goal is probably only to… slam, groove and chug fest. With abundance of breakdowns littered throughout, you can either love or put off by this kind of execution. Me? Depending on my mood, this EP is a perfect companion for my morning shave or completely skip to my drum n bass albums. Personally, I like the riffs. I prefer the vocals to be more to inhaling and piq squealing… just like any Slam influenced Deathcore bands out there.

Keep slammin’, guys.

For fans of: Waking the Cadaver, Epicardiectomy, & Annotation for an Autopsy.

Violent by Design will be out 8 June 2018.


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