Ennui – End of the Circle (Full Length, 2018)


Uh oh, not Funeral Doom Death Metal, I said when Ennui’s End of the Circle promo arrived. The genre is known with it’s draggy, long and crawling song pace, sometimes up to 1 hour just for one song.

And I’d rather not waste my time listening to what seems to be song with one snare hit per minute (I might be exaggerating, but pshh), so I naturally did what I usually do; ignoring it. But I’m drawn to check it out when I was skimming this month’s promos the other day. Then I noticed the cover; a broken Ouroboros, and it clicked to me, hey this guys might be interesting to listen to.

This Georgian Funeral Doom Death duo really know how crush, drag and lay your soul to waste with their 3 tracks, 70 minutes offering. I patiently went through the album and emerged slightly pessimist with the world. With such bleak atmosphere right from the start of End of the Circle, thanks to heavy reverbing guitars, I’m strapped to a sorrowful laden sonic journey. The promo pack mentions the record as ‘the opus about the death and funeral of all being, existential madness, and final cycle in a whirl of life and death’. Heavy shit, apparently.

I personally recommend to listeners to listen the album in its entirety to be totally immersed in their offering. If you’re expecting the record to be a total crawling pace fest, I’d like to confirm that it is not entirely the case. There are parts where the songs pick up in pace, blasting in Death Metal form (limited to first track), and then switches to atmospheric build-up, back to being Funeral Doom and more. Props to the heavy guitar (a norm in any Doom releases), bleak atmosphere parts and croaking low vocals for making the record enjoyable, although I can’t say the same for the duration. It’s a madness to go through, to be honest, but you might find it a worthy experience.

For fans of Esoteric, Shape of Despair, Evoken and Mournful Congregation

End of the Circle will be out 5th September via Non Serviam Records.

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