Descent – Towers of Grandiosity (Full Length, 2018)


Here’s a confession; I love the classic HM-2 guitar tone. It’s sharp, ear splitting and almost amateurish sound are nothing but total sonically destructive. While I don’t listen to Dismember and Entombed that much, their busszaw Sunlight Studios sound really appealed to me. And then comes Brisbane’s Descent, a Death Metal/Grindcore with strong buzzsaw guitar sound. This is gonna be a wild ride. HM-2 Death Metal with Grindcore approach, yes please sir. 

I would say this is one hell of a Death Metal album. With chunky tone from guitars and contant barrage of savage drumming, it’s a punishing record but totally worth your time but to some might be too much to handle (seriously). It’s fast, it’s nasty and it’s totally doesn’t give a fuck to slow down. 

Surprisingly I could hear bass guitars in the record despite the drowning buzzing guitars and vocals (which I may say, something between gurgling and nails being dragged across wood planks). Traces of Hardcore can be heard although I’m really, really, really sure Death Metal is the dominant element in Towers of Gradiosity. There’s no time for a breather, people. 

This record is angry and for lack of better words; ear raping Death Metal. I cannot stress how the Entombed sound really sold me to keep listening. Had it been taken out from the equation, I might have skip it and listen to another boring crap on Spotify. 9 tracks is probably too much for my weak ears to handle, but Descent did a really excellent job serving Death Metal ala Sunlight Studios sound. Definitely not for the weak. Yeah, don’t skip the tracks. Just don’t. 

In all seriousness, Towers of Grandiosity is a Death Metal release that I keep playing everyday. Enjoy the sonic torment!

Towers of Grandiosity will be out 31st Aug via Redefining Darkness Records

For fans of Nails, Black Breath, Entombed and Dismember.

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