Daarchlea – Suns (Full Length 2014)


Daarchlea is finally releasing their full length debut ‘Suns’ after several months in the studio. If you’re anticipating the album just like us, well, the wait is over. Some of you may have already pre-ordered the album while some of you may find the album hitting stores beginning 27th August.

 Khairulazizi – Guitars, Zulhelmy Adha – Guitars, Putra Al-Matin – Vocals, Asyraf Ahmad – Keyboard, Shairulzaim – Bass, Wan Rukhairul – Drums/Vocals.

Album artwork by Zulhelmy Adha
Layout concept by Daarchlea
Tracklist :
01. Birth, The Beginning
02. The Book Of Heresy
03. Qhilav
04. Phase One : Tree
05. Phase Two : Human
06. Odyssey : Towards The Sun
07. Paradoctrine
08. Messiah
09. Ascend To Arasy
10. The Great Extinction
Suns is a DIY release by the band themselves, and was recorded at MC16 studio  by Wan Rukhairul, Nash Muhandes and Zulhelmy.

I’m gonna pick my favorite tracks off the album. I love the whole album but let’s just pick a few that really shine through, yes?

Most fans are familiar with Qhilav, which were released prior this album. I love this track! The piano in the intro reminds me of Dimmu Borgir’s Progenies of the Great Apocalypse. Really intense and punchy, and I dare say this version is even better. Clean vocals (provided by Senndart, their drummer) adds a lot of variation to the song. Never a dull moment!

Phase 1: Tree
The riffings..oh the riffings are very Norwegian-like! Listeners who aren’t familiar with them would be easily fooled thinking they are from other parts of the world. The new vocalist’s guttural is deep, and packs a heavy punch. Death Metal presence is strong in this track.

Odyssey : Towards The Sun
Interlude! Easily my favourite. Oriental elements such as sitar (probably from keyboard) and gamelan-like instruments caught my attention to listen it over and over again.

I would say Paradoctrine flirt a lot with Arabian scales. In the first 30 seconds, you would think the keyboard parts are lifted from some Middle Eastern movie soundtrack (I’m thinking of Disney’s Aladdin cartoon :p). 

IMHO, this is the most versatile song off the album.  Black metal, death metal and of course,Middle Eastern elements are scattered throughout the track. Also Putra Al-Matin proved himself to be a worthy successor to Firdaus in terms of vocals. Dude is like alternating between high and low vocals dynamically, and for that thumbs up, bro! Also Senndart, merciless drum playing, dude.

Ascend to Arasy
This is a remake of their old track, originally titled Seeping Dher Blod From Her. What was once a Cradle of Filth influenced track, now transformed into something entirely different. I really love the Malay traditional part that sounded lifted from Aishah’s Bahtera Merdeka (I might be wrong), complete with kompang. Nailed it.

The Great Extinction

A very Norwegian Metal influenced song. I can’t help but compare with Gorgoroth and Emperor. But still, I think it is excellently executed.

This isn’t a perfect record (seriously, 29 mins for 10 tracks is too short), but rather, a record that would set a new standard in the local scene. And seeing Daarchlea grown over the years, I think their effort paid off handsomely. Judging from the anticipation among fans, they are already on the right track. It’s not surprising the record is strong in term of production, since the people producing the album are the same individuals originated from The Band Shop (is Band Shop still around?), which I consider one of the best in Malaysia.

This is not your standard local Metal record. I dare to say this would even put majority local bands to shame not only musically, but also from DIY perspective. Have a look at the album sleeve, cover art and MV which by the way, self funded and produced. And take a look at the lyrics. They definitely spent a lot of time crafting the theme.

Oh well, it’s a highly recommended album. Shit, buy it man. Physical or digital, I don’t care. They deserve your attention.

Be sure to attend Hornthrone if you want to witness them playing entire tracks from Suns.

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