Crosby Morgan – Rain Games for the Natural Born Pariah (EP, 2018)


Due to overwhelming Metal promos streaming into our inbox on daily basis, it gets tiring after a while.  And then some writers, like me, will decide to take a step back and do something else. Which explains my absence from the blog most of the time, lol sorry.

Anyway, no hate to Metal, but I find it exciting to discover  non-Metal releases landing into our inbox one in a while. And Crosby Morgan’s Rain Games for the Natural Born Pariah couldn’t have arrive at the right time than now. 

1. No Pain
2. Rain
3. Teacher
4. Systematic Sadness

There’s an overwhelming sadness lingering over this release. I couldn’t put it in proper words, but there’s a tinge of longing, nostalgic and desperation beautifully composed in vein of minimal folk/electronics by Crosby. I noticed there is a lack of percussion but Crosby Morgan herself is a busker, so that explains the absence of drums or any kind or percussions.

Let’s talk about the feel. I’m sold with opening track. Such powerful emotions doesn’t require bombastic insrumentations or technique and damn it, I get it. You’re sad. Something is wrong with the world. You’re in pain and it’s haunting you. But it’s beautiful, which is ironic. I feel guilty of enjoying this, as if I’m celebrating someone’s pain and suffering.

This is an EP you want to listen on lonely weekend. You’re tired and want to be drowned in your feelings. Personally, I love it but I’m also sad. Thanks Crosby Morgan.

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