Creatures – II (EP, 2018)


If you’re looking keen to re-live your Deathcore scene days, you might want to cop this release from Creatures, a Deathcore killing machine from Canada. ‘II’ is a 5 track EP playing in the vein of Veil of Maya, Impending Doom and Carnifex with some touches of Black Metal.

While I’m not really into Deathcore, it’s pretty safe to say ‘II’ has everything what a Deathcore should have; backbreaking breakdown,  guttural vocals and low tuned guitars. That being said, no, ‘II’ did not break any new grounds in Deathcore, a genre that’s pretty stale for the last few years.

However, I enjoyed the first 3 songs. I think Creatures have no problem in playing Deathcore, in fact it’s pretty okay that could have been noticeable in the peak era of Deathcore. And with Black Metal elements lingering around… wait, sorry, horror elements, yeesh. Yeah, horror atmospheric elements did add fresh touch to the EP but good god, I feel the lyrics are pretty amateurish, a stark contrast to the music. The last 2 songs are forgettable as everything sounded pretty the same. I noticed the mix is pretty off and affect my listening experience. The drums are pretty high in the mix and at clash with vocals most of the time. I get it, it’s brutal but I don’t think this kind of brutal we’re expecting in Deathcore.

All in all, this is an EP that I could listen for one or two spin. Its a pretty formulaic Deathcore record, but not a terrible release. Deathcore fans circa 2008-2010 might enjoy this, and probably go crazy over the horror touches (or Black Metal? I’m pretty confused tbh), pretty br00tz brah.

For fans of Angelmaker, Carnifex, Veil of Maya, Impending Doom and Upon A Burning Body.
II is out now via Old Haunt Records.

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