Bohren and der Club of Gore – Mitleid Lady EP

Just a short review on Bohren and der Club of Gore latest EP; Mitleid Lady. The CD was supposed to be released in 2007 but something came up and the release was delayed to 2009. Nothing much on this CD because the EP only have 1 track, I mean a quite long track spanning almost 10 minutes. Mitleid in Deutsch means Pity, but actually if you separate the Mit and Leid you’ll get with Sorrow (thanks to Google translate and my level 3 Deutsch language skills!-ed) whcih could bring a totally different meaning. Don’t get it? Ok here it is.

If you just take it as it is; Mitleid Lady = Lady Pity (Lady is an English word) and if you take Mit Leid Lady = Lady With Sorrow. I don’t know whether the Bohren dudes are actually playing with the title, I just don’t know and it’s just purely my theory muhahahah! Anyway the CD was released on limited edition by Southern Records and probably by now it’s already sold out lol.

Continuing from the previous album, Mitleid Lady is a very minimalist album, a very loose album with a crawling pace (you might fall asleep midway through the song lol-ed),darker and the doomy feeling is stronger in the album. Percussion played a very minimal role in the track, merely appearing this and there (specifically hi-hat and bass drum!). Rhodes and keyboard dominate much of the song. And I can’t help but wonder wehether guitar made an appearance in the album?Or maybe it’s just the effect they used for the recording. I don’t know. Sax appeared towards the last 4 minutes of the song, and it’s not like the usual sexy and alluring sax (refer to Sunset Mission album and you’ll get what I mean-ed), it’s totally different. I would say it’s very dark and sick, as if it was lifted from a  a horror movie.

It’s a pretty good stuff, considering for a one track EP. Definitely a filler to Dolores album. And you can’t expect more from a single track EP right? So I don’t think I should give the EP a rating I suppose? Ok maybe you people just watch the video I provide and give your own rating in the comment section, yes? Come on, participate and give your 2 cents!

Bohren und der Club of Gore can be contacted here and here.

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