Attack Attack! – Someday Came Suddenly: It’s So Bad It’s Good lol

What’s kicking, readers? I just got back from the office and I feel like to write something down.

So I’ve been listening to Attack Attack!‘s first full length; Someday Came Suddenly for the last 3 days. I thought of giving a chance since I rarely listens to Metalcore (not that I have anything against them-ed), so yeah I give it a try. ‘Sides I’m dying to know what’s the big deal with Crabcore (AA! is labelled as Crabcore, that is just…funny-ed). Yeah yeah I know Crabcore dah basi, but come on, the Crabcore body posture is hilarious,fucking hilarious!

So anyway Someday Came Suddenly was released by Rise Records in 2008 with the following line up:

Austin Carlile – lead vocals
Johnny Franck – clean vocals, rhythm guitar
Andrew Whiting – lead guitar
John Holgado – bass guitar
Andrew Wetzel – drums, percussion
Caleb Shomo – synthesizers, keyboards, vocals
However Carlile left AA! and replaced by Nick Barham. Thing didn’t look good and Barham left and Shomo stepped in as vocalist while retaining his position as keyboardist. The vocalist in the Stick Stickly video is Nick Barham. He just lip snyced to Austin Carlile vocals. Shishh, that Barham is no good anyway tsk tsk.
Hot Grills and High Tops
Stick Stickly
Bro, Ashley’s Here
Shred, White, and Blue
Party Foul
What Happens If I Can’t Check My MySpace When We Get There?
The People’s Elbow
Kickin’ Wing, Animal Doctor
Dr. Shavargo, Pt. 3
Catfish Soup
12 tracks with some of them appeared in the EP If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?. Basically AA! is playing Metalcore with hints of electronica. Yeap, you heard me. Don’t expect some tough guy image ala Hatebreed or..Winds of Plague. But worry not, they still have breakdown parts and some of your favorite metalcore clean vocals hahah. So what makes them a little bit different from other generic Metalcore bands out there? I must say its their electronica parts and auto-tune vocals. But hold it right there! I said different, and that doesn’t mean being different is good. Let me put it this way. IT’S SO BAD THAT IT’S GOOD. Fuck, I hate the dance/electronica part, and I even hate the auto tune vocals more. Not to mention the random breakdown parts. Like, is it really necessary to go breakdown for every 2 minutes?

I picked 5 songs to review:

Hot Grills and High Tops – Someday Came Suddenly starts with Hot Grills and High Tops. Listening to it for the first time reminds me of Albuquerque’s crunkcore unit, Brokencyde. Nothing really outstanding, just some generic dance beat, with some toasting and screaming (which really sounded like Brokencyde). Well, not really impressive.

Stick Stickly – Probably the most outstanding track of the album. Yes, I hate the crabcore posture, I even hate their video. What’s making the video worse is, the sudden techno/electronica part, breakdown parts strewn all over the song.and the auto tune vocals..ahh it’s so annoying! But then I listened to it 3 or 4 times and I got hooked hahah. It’s stupid,it’s bad but it’s so good cause it’s so infectious. I still hate the horrible auto tuned vocals. Even Mishka the singing dog can sing better than that! But still, Stick Stickly is probably the catchiest song of the album..and did I tell you the lyrics ..uhh revolve around Christianity? Whatever.

Party Foul – Another generic metalcore song. The keyboard in this track reminds me of The Padang‘s No Mercy. Resembles much? You decide. Oh hey no auto tuned vocals!

Interlude – I don’t know why Caleb Shomo included the track from his side project. Seriously it’s just a waste. Probably he just throw in whatever he can get. What do you think?

Outro – An instrumental piano piece. Surprisingly it’s good. Yes, I mean it in a good way.

-Production wise, the recording quality is good. Every instruments are audible.
– The element of surprise, for example the techno part on the second track. But it’s either you loe it or hate it.

-Does not really stand out from other generic Metalcore. Bland.
-The auto tune vocals suck real bad. A huge turn off of the album. Should’ve not include it in the album.
-Unispiring song structures, I tend to skipped each song whenever they hit 1 minute of playing.

-The gimmick Crabcore does not really help it either.
Rating: 4/10
Attack Attack! can be contacted here.
-Wikipedia (photos)
-Attack Attack! official website

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