As Sahar 6th album on halt, Wan Barchiel recording solo album

Eastern Metal pioneer, As Sahar announced that their 6th album (working title the Bugis album) will not be released anytime soon, as recording process is currently put on hold. According to conversation with Wan Barchiel on social networking page Facebook, the album is not going to see the light of the day anytime soon, and probably will be released by the end of the year. 
While this seems to be an upsetting news, coupled with Wan Barchiel’s decision not to play live anymore (which indirectly means As Sahar MIGHT not perform live again as well), I was informed by the man himself that Wan Barchiel’s solo album (or EP, I believe) is currently underway, with recording already took place and set to hit market in August 2011 . Wan Barchiel’s one man band, called Anti-K (pronounced as Antik/Antique) still dwells in Black Metal sound (I believe we can get As Sahar sound thrown in together as well as other new elements) with strong National Romanticism themes. As of the time of writing, the title of EP is yet to be revealed. Will we get the same vibe like his previous solo effort’s Olivating the Dark Shadow to Grab My Opal? I can’t tell much as I myself have no idea about it. Let’s just wait and see.

P/S: Latest update. Wan Barchiel is currently looking for designer to help him design Anti-K logo. Anyone wishes to do so can deal through his email al.rischa AT yahoo DOT com or his Facebook page here before 21st July 2011. Any query can also be forwarded to his email or FB page. Cheers! 

A is for Anomaly
*photos taken from Wan Barchiel’s FB

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