Agalloch: An Appreciation Towards the Mother Nature

Damn it, I was supposed to write something, but since I reached home late in the night, I lost mood to write it down, but I guess I can compensate that by posting this video.

Not Unlike The Waves by Agalloch

I think Agalloch is quite unknown here in Malaysia, (this is a generalization, I could be wrong) probably due to the genre they are playing and lyrical themes are quite different from what usually we have here (speaking of culture differences heh!). Agalloch is from the USA (where death metal rules lol), and it’s not something I expect, since I was expecting Agalloch is like ‘just another generic bands from the States playing death or thrash or metalcore’. I was wrong. Agalloch plays Dark Metal with tinge of Folk/ Neofolk with traces of Black Metal and Doom Metal. Mainman John Haughm have collaborated with Nest (neofolk from Finland), which is evident enough to show their tendency towards neofolk movement. I read from somewhere else Agalloch also shown interest in post-rock in their sound. Weird. Where was I? Yeah, neofolk. Lyrical themes of Agalloch also reflect on their fascination towards neofolk; the usual appreciatian towards Heathenry, paganism, nature and blablabla, which I thought is very different if were to compare to other American bands we usually know. But for me, John Haughm and Co. plays a very simplistic metal (no technical shits and stuff), but is is the atmosphere they created that separate them apart from other bands. A worthy band for you to check out. Sorry I’m too sleepy to go on. A review of Soulfly album by Contramen will follow soon. Ta!

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