Abominated – Decomposed [Demo, 2021]


Guys, there’s no way I can express the excitement of receiving OSDM releases in our inbox. We have been receiving steady streams of album, EP and even demo since, I don’t know, maybe since we started. I’d like to confirm OSDM is in fact alive and kicking. So anyway, I would like to suggest everyone to check out Abominated, an Old School Death Metal band from Poland (most Polish DM bands are sick tbh). Their debut demo Decomposed is out now via Prior Satanae.

Decomposed consists 4 tracks including intro and it’s pretty short with barely reaching 10 minutes of playtime. But I personally feel it doesn’t really matter as Decomposed serves a primitive, ugly, gritty Death Metal, the old school way. Obviously they’re influenced by the Swedeath titans such as Dismember, Entombed and Nihilist, and none of that modern DM stuff. All you get is jugular stabbing riffs, thunderous drummings and shouting (almost gurgly) vocals. 

I have to say I really enjoy the demo due to its organic sound, particularly the drums. It’s not perfectly played, it’s simple almost punk-like but goes hard on the blastbeats. The guitars have several memorable riffs and when it hits high speed, I can feel everything is mashed together into massive explosion. Even the vocals go to insane bark-like shout when drums and guitars are pounding everything into dust.

But I have to say I wish the demo is longer. It’s barely 10 minutes and I feel like the excitement was cut short at the 4th track. I need more! Decomposed is a well thought demo and the way they present their take on OSDM is pretty decent to my ears. I don’t need an overdone OSDM product, I need it to be ugly and honest just like this demo. OSDM maniacs, please have a listen at this and let me know hat you think!

Decomposed is now available in CD and digital download.

FFO: Dismember, Entombed, Nihilist

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