Your Pick: 2013 Best Releases by Hanif (Dicktracy)


We value our readers as much as we value ourselves. Being an online webzine, we rely very much from you people to keep us going. I cannot express more how grateful we are to have you in our lives! That being said, this time around before we unveil our own Best 2013 Releases, we’d like to peek at your own list! Hanif of Dicktracy had the honour the start Your Pick series, up until we unveil our very own Pick. Enjoy!

Hanif | Dicktracy
Bleed from Within – Uprising
Artefacts – Exordium
His take on Artefacts’ EP, “…Arrangement dan music yang fresh untuk band local. Daripada segi production maybe kurang sikit. Tapi acceptable sebab diorang record sendiri di home studio. Kalau betul-betul record kat recording studio, sound mereka confirm lagi mantap.”
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