Warmaster/Humiliation (7″ Split)


Damn son, Malaysia’s finest old school Death Metal squad, Humiliation is definitely cranking up their creative juice for the last few years with lotsa releases! Among of the latest release is with Warmaster (Holland), another old school death metal outfit. Boom. The split is released by Deadbeat Media (holler to my fav towkeys at Deadbeat Shop!) and Slaughterhouse Recs (USA). You can order through them, limited to 500 copies.

Side Humiliation:
– Belligerent
– Pledge of Invasion

Side Warmaster:
– Mental Meltdown
– Generation Panzerfaust

Now, this is an interesting release, because both bands are Bolt Thrower worshippers, known for their mid-tempo, punishing, no nonsense old school Death Metal style. However, there are several differences in terms of style and delivery, which would make this a worthy release to purchase.

Belligerent – Love the intro, makes me want to do that thing Frank Mullen does with his hand (the death metal chop!) everytime I hit play button. Humiliation being Humiliation, you can expect slow paced, but heavy guitar sound. I think the most noticeable difference between them and Warmaster is their tendency to be groovy, rather than straightforward Death Metal, but still in the vein of Bolt Thrower. Bear Bee is still sounding like a wounded T-Rex; deep and relentless. Guitars did well, as usual. I must applaud the solo, it didn’t sound technical, but rather fits nicely in the song.

Pledge of Invasion – This track is a complete reverse from Belligerent, sounding one top notch aggressive. The drums pounded mercilessly throughout the song, except on several sections oh and guess what? No solo! Who needs a solo when you can be brutal (the old school style, of course) all the way uh? Not sure if Belligerent and Pledge of Invasion were written before or after Turbulence from the Deep, because songs in TftD shows like they are leaning towards doom/death. But anyway, that’s another story.

Mental Meltdown – Warmaster is a total different side of the coin, I would say. Warmaster is heavy all the way, no solo, no groove, all torture to my ears, which is good. Corné Bijlemeer’s guttural vocal delivery sends chill down my spine. Barely unintelligible, I think it fits nicely with the overall sound of Warmaster. The chugging guitars, well, it’s just insane. Fuck, the vocal is the shit, man.

Generation Panzefaust – The closing track, and all hell broke loose. I can’t help but to draw comparison between Bijlemeer’s and Corpsegrinder’s vocals. Well, there’s low guttural, there’s maniacal screams, yeap, almost there. Of all 4 tracks in the split, this is the fastest and probably, the sickest. Kudos to the drummer, sick drumming!

My verdict? Both band showcased their ability, and didn’t outdo each other, because of their distinctive Death Metal style. Good release. For more info, contact Deadbeat Shop thru Facebook or Slaughterhouse Records website.

P/s: Another split Humiliation & Obscure Infinity is coming soon! 

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