VotW – In Flames – Meet Your Maker


On 10th February, Swedish modern metal visionaries IN FLAMESwill release their 14th studio album Foregone — a new masterpiece from a band whose artistry and influence on modern metal is undeniable. Earlier this week, the band has shared the video for “Meet Your Maker”.

“Meet Your Maker” is a pulsating track with hypnotizing power and furious anger. Like a raw nerve exposed, the song speaks of the desperation and frustration brought on by the chaotic dystopia of post-pandemic society.

Frontman Anders Fridén states, “When we started to write for Foregone, ‘Meet Your Maker’ became the song that set the tone in terms of what we were aiming for sonically as well as thematically. You’ll see it’s everything you’ve come to expect from In Flames and some. Enjoy and see you on the road in 2023!”

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