News – Sylvaine to release ‘Eg Er Framand’ in March 2024

Sylvaine Eg Er Framand

SYLVAINE has grown into a guiding light for ambient post-metal and atmospheric black metal, but today Kathrine Shepard, the visionary artist behind Sylvaine traces back to her roots with the new EP Eg Er Framand.


Growing up in Norway, she often performed in the Kampen Church in Oslo amidst the contrasts between nature and urbanity. This 19th-century relic is also where she recorded the entirety of this ethereal new EP.

The first single, Dagsens Augo Sloknar has mysterious origins – with lyrics written in 1891 by Elias Blix, a professor-turned-politician who also wrote hymns. Staying true to the original’s delicate, reverent melody, Sylvaine sings “Dagsens Augo Sloknar” in a breathy, elongated whisper that’s haunting and soothing at the same time.

‘Eg Er Framand’ explores a deeply introspective and serene journey through the rich tapestry of Norwegian heritage and tradition. Folk tales of old are brought to life in this new chapter of her musical odyssey, offering a glimpse into the depths of her creative spirit and an exploration of the roots that anchor her artistry.

Sylvaine – Vocals, Church Organ, Guitars, Synthesizers & Percussion


1. Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut (4:36)

2. Arvestykker (4:36)

3. Eg Veit I Himmelrik Ei Borg (4:47)

4. Livets Dans (6:09)

5. Tussmørke (3:15)

6. Eg Er Framand (4:46)

Pre-order here.

Eg Er Framand is out March 22 on Season of Mist.

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