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Heralding a new era of sonic devastation, DVRK joins the illustrious Season of Mist roster. Hailing from the darkest corners of the metal realm, DVRK smashes through as a force to be reckoned with, seamlessly fusing deathcore, nu metal and bass music elements into an unrelenting sonic assault.

Originally conceived in 2019 as a solo endeavor, DVRK has metamorphosed into a dynamic ensemble featuring the formidable talents of Peter Morgan (Vocals), Bastien Deleule and Gérald Audiard (Guitars), Fabien Letren (Bass) and Vincent Vidal (Drums). Together, they form a musical juggernaut ready to break eardrums.

DVRK‘s journey is punctuated by notable collaborations with luminaries such as Conquer Divide, Cove Reber, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and Hyro The Hero. Partnerships that have not only showcased this band’s versatility, but also their eagerness in promising fans unbridled aggression and innovative atmospheres.

Stay tuned as DVRK prepares to unleash their first EP on Season of Mist later this year – bringing a fresh new deathcore take to the label’s extensive roster!

Here’s what the band has to say about joining the ranks of Season of Mist:

We are thrilled to announce our signing with Season Of Mist! We’ve been following this label and listening to their bands for years! Having the chance to be a part of the family is a huge accomplishment. They will be releasing our first EP. There is still so much to unveil, and we can’t wait to share everything with you all. Thank you to everyone who made this happen for us! See you all on the road!

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