Hypomanic Daydream /  Homeskin – Hypomanic Skin [Split EP, 2022]


Experimental music fans, get excited. This is a split EP that brings together two Experimental Metal bands but each with distinctive style. Hypomanic Skin is released via Xenoglossy Productions and Euphoriadic Productions on December 2022. 

Hypomanic Daydream is a solo Experimental Death Metal project with touch of Dissonant and Electronics all over. Upon the first listen, I gotta admit I wasn’t ready to expect the chaotic nature of the songs arrangement. One minute it sounded like a slightly furious Death Metal, but when the tempo changes come in along with electronics beeping here and there, it feels like a soundtrack to a twisted fever dream. It feels like I’m being thrown into a massive blender and ground to paste. The drums are obviously programmed while the vocals are heavily processed and sits at the back in the mix, giving it a nightmarish quality. The last track from Hypomanic Daydream turns out to be the most experimental out of its three tracks with prominent Electronic effects, melodic guitar playing and sudden change of tempo. Obviously I enjoyed this the most.

Definitely not your run on the mill Metal release and worth a listen.

Homeskin on the other hand is leaning towards the other spectrum of Experimental Metal, showing traces of Black Metal, Chiptune and Screamo. In case you aren’t aware, Homeskin is another project helmed by the same man behind Gonemage. Anyway Homeskin is less chaotic than Hypomanic Dream by featuring a slightly diverse texture on the songs. It’s still carries the deranged, uncomfortable feels anyway. I love the Chiptune sound making sparse appearance here and there which obviously feels like you’re trapped in a different universe where everything resembles classic video games. Guitars in Homeskin display clear form and playing, so it’s easier to enjoy compared to the latter. But overall, I feel if you’re feeling adventerous and break the norm from listening to your normal Metal music, perhaps try give this split EP a listen. Definitely not your run on the mill Metal release and worth a listen.

Hypomanic Skin in now available in cassette and digital download format.

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