Heads for the Dead – Into the Red [Full Length, 2020]


If there’s one thing I like about 2020, it has to be the abundance of OSDM albums being released. To that I’m thankful for the effort by bands (OSDM or not) working hard to stay productive throughout the year. We still have a few releases to share until 2020 finally bid us goodbye. Today, I’m going to talk about Heads for the Dead’s new album, ‘Into the Red’ which is already in the market, released via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Into the Red uses massive sounding HM-2 Death Metal with old school chainsaw riffs but somehow ends up sounding modern. I believe this is due to the vocalist using combination of high shriek and standard Death Metal bark, which is uncommon during the early days of OSDM. And also the drums tone which is of course, sounds modern coupled with frenzy playing (and hard-hitting) though sometimes it can could sounding Punk-ish. However I noticed it has this Black/Thrash tendency laying around somewhere between the tracks, something that I cannot exactly point out (but it could be the vocals) and noticeably giving a horror/terrifying vine throughout. I would say this is an OSDM inspired album, only faster and crazier than its predecessor.

There’s a Darkthrone cover ‘Transylvanian Hunger’ towards the end of the album. I was caught by surprise how well it sounds despite with chainsaw/HM-2 sound being utilized. It doesn’t feel out of place, I think for similar reason above, there’s a noticeable touch of Black Metal throughout hence it doesn’t feel awkward. I think Heads of the Dead might not bring anything new to the genre but rather emulate the style with greater emphasis of modernizing it. I have no complaint about it. They sound massive, rabid and brutal, and that is all that matters.

Into the Red is now available in CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital download format.

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