Dommedag – Marburg [Full Length, 2020]


Dommedag is what Black Metal looks like when musicians from Norway and Sweden join forces; pounding, relentless and raw Black Metal like it’s supposed to be. ‘Marburg’ is a debut full length release by Dommedag and its limited edition cassette format was released by Analög Ragnarök.

Marburg features 8 tracks of Scandinavian Black Metal mastery, taken from the best of Norwegian and Swedish scene. It has this old, primitive touch of the 90s Black Metal with abundance of cold, nasty and explosive riffs. Drums complemented the guitar works with earth-shattering beats sending listeners to oblivion while shrieking vocals add terrifying qualities to the tracks. Despite the overall sound being violent, at times I can hear melodies slipping through in between playing, giving it a nice contrast to the monstrous output. 

I have no qualms about Dommedag’s overall musical ability. I commend their songwriting and technical ability; especially when it comes to creating that iconic Scandinavian sinister cold riffs. I even feel it was executed nicely, except the subpar recording (or perhaps mixing) quality. At times I feel drums being too loud and bury vocals in the mix. Some parts even feel like vocals are way behind everything. It made no sense as it seems this problem persists from track to track. I just hope this won’t plague any of their future releases because they have a potential to be bigger, eventhough they might be just repeating the same formula. 

Marburg is now available in cassette (limited amount) and digital download.

FFO: Gorgoroth, Funeral Mist, Mayhem

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