Abyss/Besna – Abyss/Besna [EP, 2020]


I always find split album to be a risky venture. In a release where two or more bands share equaly chance to demonstrate their ability, there will always bound to have one of the band to sound less interesting than the other, but I beg to differ for Abyss / Besna split EP. It is a match made in heaven and equally impressive, which is now available via Wolfmond Productions.

Both tracks by Abyss are blistering fast, intense, chock full of Black Metal riffs with melodic sense weaved in between. Machine gun drumming (done tastefully, by the way) compliments the already powerful songwriting, with alternating mid snarls and shrieks as cherry on top. There are many structural changes and it is made seamlessly, which I think is carefully thought, not just shoddily plonk together. With such massive sounding, face ripping brutality mixed with melodic playing in between, this is definitely a headbang inducing material.

Besna on the other offers harsh, soaring yet melancholy Post-Black Metal, which takes a different path from Abyss. However make no mistake, as their 2 tracks are equally impressive. Besna feels modern with pummelling melodic riff played with sense of hopelessness lingering around, almost feels like DSBM at times. But wait until Post Rock / Metal parts kick in, it gets even better. It’s beautifully layered, but feels heartbroken and shattered, thanks to sudden shift of tempo and loud + quiet dynamics. 

I believe this is a well made split EP. I feel it’s a win for listeners to have two polar opposite of style within Black Metal sphere put into one release. The best part is, none of the band overshadow each other. I have to say while the production quality could have been better, the material is brilliantly crafted. And I couldn’t ask for more. Whether you’re into Melodic Black/Death Metal or Post-Black Metal, cop this release quick and you’ll most likely not regret it.

Abyss / Besna is now available in CD and digital download format.

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