We Came From Wolves – Haunt Me (EP, 2017)

It’s really a pleasent surprise to sometimes receive a non-Metal promo. I was skeptical at first (like I always do), expecting a typical Prog Metalcore ala Erra or something but I was wrong! Instead of chugging breakdown, I was instead treated with Post-Hardcore sound with Pop driven music and instantly hooked.

1. This Never Gets Easy
2. The Peak Beneath the Sea
3. Places Unfamiliar
4. Falling
5. Haunt Me

Scottish Post-Hardcore / Alternative unit We Came From Wolves recently released their brand new EP ‘Haunt Me’ offering 5 songs. While I’m not familiar with Post-Hardcore, I’m pretty sure influences from My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, The Used and many more are interwoven in between. It definitely has the aggression of Post-Hardcore and catchiness to mainstream rock listeners.

This Never Gets Easy reminds me of Bring Me The Horizon post-Sempiternal; washed down Post-Hardcore with Pop hooks in between with singing that reminds me of The Used. I think it’s a beautifully done track. Catchy.

The Peak Beneath The Sea showcased Kyle Burgess’ vocals ability and get me hooked to listen even more. I’d like to think band’s strengths lie on his vocals and their ability to craft listenable hooks throughout the album. First time listener would find the band’s output to be easily digestible.

Places Unfamiliar has the Good Charlotte’s Pop Punk feel and rings throughout the song. Not my cup of tea as it sounds a tad whiny but totally reminds me of 2001-2003 era. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon listening with friends reminiscing your teenage years.

Falling can easily appeal to both emo veterans (circa Myspace era) and today’s kids. On one side, it reminds me of The Used, flip it to another, it sounds like BMTH’s That’s The Spirit. Not much to talk on the lyrics, it’s your staple emo fix, but in a good way.

Haunt Me is perhaps the most promising to any first time listener. Chill rock ala Top 40 song with emotional crooning by Burgess, I think this would stand a better chance to propel them into bigger crowd.

All in all, We Came From Wolves stands somewhere in between toned-down Post-Hardcore aggression and Pop which able them to attract fans from both sides. While it maybe not an original attempt, I really like tracks like This Never Gets Easy and Haunt Me. Definitely for those who wants to stray into chill Pop music but prefer not to lose their aggression, if this makes any sense. Haunt Me is out now via Heart Out Records.

Reach them via Facebook or Bandcamp.

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