Warmaster – The End of Humanity [full length, 2013]


Sorry, this post  is long overdue. The hype of the up and coming Netherlands’ old school Death Metallers, Warmaster album, The End of Humanity has been around since August. I personally have been expecting for the album, eversince their split album with Humiliation. The album was released by Deadbeat Media and Slaughter House Recs, during Halloween 2013, good timing!

1. Massive Kill Capacity
2. Nuclear Warfare
3. Deadly Artillery
4. Death Factory
5. The Target
6. Lies to Deny
7. Barbarians
8. Poison Dwarf
9. Ancient Anthem
10. Medestrijders Voor Volk En Vaderland
11. Destroyer of Worlds

I think those who enjoy Bolt Thrower, Benediction or, Humiliation (Mys) will find this suit your musical taste. Mid tempo Death Metal, with groove and definitely, heavy all the way. I find the musical style haven’t stray much from their split album with Humiliation and probably, their debut, First War. The album, as expected from the artwork, deals with war and its consequences (and zombies as well? I don’t know). So yeah, as usual I highlight some of my favourite tracks from the release.
Massive Kill Capacity – Military radio, gunfight and Chopin’s Funeral March (or those who familiar with Undertaker’s entrance theme, the Graveyard Symphony) sample all in one. I could only summarise this intro as apocalyptic and sinister. Very fitting with the war theme, to be honest and set the mood throughout the album. In fact, this is one of the highlight of the album. Massive Kill Capacity could probably a reference to nuclear bomb or something devastating maybe?
Nuclear Warfare – Warmaster wastes no time punishing my eardrums. Nuclear Warfare is ugly and raw. And I like it that way. No bullshit, just straight forward old school death metal. I like the drumming, not overly done and complement the guitars just nicely. Bijlemeer’s growl is definitely giving the song an extra edge. Doom Metal influence can be felt creeping in at the end of the song.
The Target – A doom/death style! Reminds me of early My Dying Bride somehow, but that’s just me. I was expecting the song to remain like this, but a tempo change after a minute and half turn this song into total mayhem. Love the war speech sample near at the end. It’s fucking war death metal, and that just cemented their reputation.
Lies to Deny – Probably the most technical song in the album. Check out the guitar solo! Just when I thought the song gonna bore me, the solo comes in with barrage of relentless guitar solo. Perfect.
Ancient Anthem – Creepy. I don’t know whether this is Netherlands national anthem, but boy that really gives me the post-battle feeling; droning sound of chopper, fighter jet scrambling, etc
Overall, it’s a good effort by Warmaster. Although some of the tracks made me lose interest after a minute or so, I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s a boring album. I like the war theme. Also I like how fierce the guitars sound, plus with the intense drumming (by old school death metal standard). I’m just hoping the tempo will be much varied. But hey, that’s probably just me. Again, appropriate use of war sample. That shit won my attention. 
Go get your copy from Deadbeat Shop (I think you’ll get a free Warmaster patch if you purchase from them, be sure to ask!) and Slaughterhouse Records.
Check out Warmaster at:
Special thanks to Clawhammer PR for the digital promo pack!

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