Vortex has re-joined Borknagar!

It seems I barely have time for DtE for like..I don’t know, since early this year? So I figure I better write something down, or else this blog is going to suffer lack of input anytime soon.
Have you not heard the good news? Fans of Borknagar, rejoice!ICS Vortex (ex Arcturus, ex Dimmu Borgir) has confirmed about his return to Borknagar! Vortex who departed from Borknagar in 2000 following an ultimatum given by Oystein G. Brun “either stay in studio with Borknagar and record the new album OR go tour with Dimmu Borgir and leave Borknagar”, joined Dimmu Borgir as bassist/clean vocalist until somewhere in 2009 where he was fired from the band.
Personally I think this is probably going to be the most solid line up ever for Borknagar. I mean, you kidding me? Two vocalists in Borknagar? Two freaking unique vocalists I tell ya! And another good news is, Borknagar is again signed to Century Media.
For more info and press release about this please follow this link.
“Milleniums are falling.Milleniums are calling.Hail!.The dawn of a new era!” 

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