Update on Antik: Part 2

Another update from Wan Barchiel (As-Sahar) one man band project, Antik or Anti-K. A mesage from him few days ago:
Esok malam start fasa terakhir rakaman – masok vocals dah tu mixing… 3 lagu yg termuat tu nanti seperti berikut:-

1.Kita Patriot!
2.Bagaikan Lipas
3.Madah Hulubalang Edan

Lepas Raya nih siap, inshaAllah

Folks, be very very very stoked, as I guarantee you this is one of the anticipated release of the year! Wan Barchiel just uploaded a teaser for Kita Patriot! track. Sweet mother of pearl, even this is just a teaser (rough mix to be exact), I can tell Antik is gonna rip your face off,bro! Here’s the teaser. And tell Wan Barchiel what you think!

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