Undergang – Aldrig I Livet [Full Length, 2020]


I heard a lot about Undergang over the years, such as them being one of the important bands of OSDM revival with their rotten, foul, muddy, and downtuned sound. I have to say I am both impressed and shocked with their latest full length, Aldrig I Livet which was released via Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records on 4 December 2020.

Aldrig I Livet can be summed up as dirty, unkempt, blood splattered and primitive from all aspect. Ironically, these are what gravitate me to keep it in my heavy rotation. Nothing nice and shiny here, only death and rotten stench all around. Their heavy overall sound is a punch to the gut, wait… sorry, it’s a massive explosive punch to the gut and sends your organs spilling everywhere. The terrifying low tune and at times feel like a neverending torture, but it’s a good one, despite of not understanding any of the lyrics. I feel like I died a thousand times and still terrified of the album. Deadly, but catchy.

The chainsaw riff seems to be cranked all the way to 11 and tuned even lower than any OSDM I’m used to listen which put them in the territory of Cavernous Death Metal, obviously it sounds super sick. Also, check out the divebomb techniques while you’re at it. And drums seems to sound primitive with minimal rectouch/edit and reeks of early 90s Death Metal. The cherry on top obviously belongs to the gurgly vocals. It’s menacing snarls coupled with inhumane gurgle. It feels like being choked as you runs out of air but damn, it fits the overall sound nicely. It’s… just out of this world. It is no doubt Aldrig I Livet will definitely be one of my pick for Album of the Year based on its insane qualities. Now if you excuse me, I need to drown myself listening to this filthy, sewer Death Metal album again. 

Aldrig I Livet is now available in CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital download format.

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