Time sure fly fast, and now we are in 2011. A whole new year, and numerous goals to achieve. I just can’t believe 2010 ended just few hours ago. It has been a very challenging year, with many transitions; both smooth and rough. I met lots of new and interesting people and reconnect with old friends, not to forget lost handful of people I love. When I and Contramen started Dissecting the Euphony 5 months ago, we barely knew anything about music writing but we pretty much gambled and did it anyway. We survived after 5 months, at least we still want to write haha! We are looking forward for this year, to meet, discover and observe new and old talents to flourish the scene. Keep supporting the bands/artists you love. If you like the stuff we write on this website,don’t hesitate to promote us to your friends/bands/labels/whatever. Email us, or leave comments. Dissecting the Euphony wishes all of you a happy 2011. Buckle up,people! We have lots to achieve this year and a world to win! Take care and god bless, people!
A is for Anomaly

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